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My name is Krysta, born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, live in Ontario, Canada. Captain's Advisor on FRC Team 3161, feel free to talk to me about it.

I love many things. This the reflection of my thoughts and feelings.

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Pain is a pesky part of being human, I’ve learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can’t be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closest thing that will give us that wind against our faces.


Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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you can be like sif.

you can be like black widow

you can be like jane foster

you can be like darcy

you can be like pepper potts.

But i suggest being like Mjolnir, and only allow worthy people to pick you up.

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